My top 5 Smart Home Appliances

As you probably already know: I’m a homeowner now, happy days! Which means I have to do all the boring, adult things like cleaning, grocery shopping, remembering to lock all the windows and doors before I leave etc. When I was younger, I used to think that when I move out, my house will always be spotless and I’ll spend most of my free time on a sofa, in my silk dressing gown with a hair mask on and a glass of wine… hahaha, funny how naive I was.

I’m not complaining though 🙂 I love our cosy home and being able to snack in bed without my mum telling me I shouldn’t (mums are always right and I realised it as soon as I moved out)

Anyways, let’s tech-talk!
I’m not a massive fan of technology, all those useless gadgets like smartwatches that we get for Christmas and we promise ourselves that THIS WATCH will change our lives, motivate us to wake up at 5am to go to the gym, well.. no, it won’t.  

However, there are some really useful home gadgets, that unfortunately won’t make you a perfect housewife, but will definitely make your life easier and save your precious time and energy! Here’s my top 5: 

1) RING – Security system

Having a security system set up was our priority as we both spend most of the time away, plus I have some sad, sad memories from when I was younger and someone broke into our house and stolen… everything. A couple months later, when my mum’s managed to save enough money and get us new laptops, a new camera and the TV, the same thing happened again. Imagine coming back from school to an empty, totally demolished house – TWICE. It’s just something I don’t want to remember..

Anyways, there’s a very inspirational story behind ”Ring” that proves that you should never give up your dreams and that everything happens for a reason. Long story short:
Jamie Siminoff – the man who’s created Ring (originally DoorBot) took part in the ” Shark Tank ” program with the intention of finding an investor, but none of the investors believed The Ring was good enough to offer Jamie the monies he was after so he’s left the Shark Tank without a deal. A few years later, when Jamie (despite his financial problems) was still improving his innovative alarm system – Amazon took over and bought the Ring for 1 billion dollars. Say no more 😉

Okay, why do I like Ring and why do I think that it’s an absolute must have for every homeowner? Because it is easy to use & install. It’s also affordable and has a million fantastic and very useful features such as ”live view” which means that you can see what’s going on in your house/on your driveway & garden, by just looking at your phone screen, genius!

You can monitor your home from your smartphone, tablet or PC. Every Ring device features a wide-angle lens and a built-in microphone and speaker, so you can see, hear and speak to anyone on your property from anywhere. Good news for pet owners: Ring has a built-in motion sensitivity to prevent unnecessary notifications caused by your pets.

Outdoor camera is armed with built-in lights and sirens, has a wide angle and excellent picture quality. Ring immediately notifies you of any detected movement and allows you to speak to anyone there with two-way talk which is definitely my favorite feature. Imagine not missing your ASOS parcel again!

Another amazing feature is that you can connect Ring to any Alexa device and receive Alexa announcements on your Echo devices whenever motion is detected, and if you have an Echo Show or Spot, you can see, hear and speak to anyone captured on camera. You can also arm/disarm your alarm via Alexa, so imagine lying in bed and realising you didn’t ring the alarm, pain, right? Well, Alexa can do it for you.

Here’s a few screens of how the app looks like:

2) Alexa (Echo Dot & Echo Show 5)

Oh, what’s new Justyna?
I know everybody knows Alexa, some love her to bits and some thinks she’s useless – and I thought so too, until Alexa appeared in our house and proved me wrong.

Besides the fact that Alexa can be your shoulder to cry on when you’re sad, she knows everything and can keep the secrets better than your best friend. She can sing for you and tell you jokes, make monkey sounds and beatbox, like what else Alexa, what else?!
When I was a kid I thought when I’ll be 20, we’ll have FLYING CARS. We don’t. But we have a talking speaker instead.

We have Echo Dot in the kitchen and Echo Show in our bedroom and we use them both on a daily basis. You can connect them to other devices such as security system, smart lock doors, your TV etc. I love Alexa’s built in speakers, you wouldn’t expect such amazing quality sound from this tiny device!

3) Sonos speaker

Stylish speaker with incredible power.
I probably wouldn’t even pay attention to this speaker when strolling around Currys as it doesn’t stand out at all – but when we stayed at Fallen Angel in Cornwall last year and discovered Sonos, we already knew this is it! We loved it so much that we’ve bought it few days later without any hesitation. Sonos is quite heavy but smaller than regular home cinema systems so you can hide it behind your sofa and let your guests wonder where the music is coming from.
The speaker features true-play room tuning technology that uses microphones built into any iOS device to tune it for the best possible sound, irrespective of where you’ve positioned it in the room. You can connect it to any smart device (like your TV) or stream directly from your iOS device.

4) Cordless Dyson Vacuum

We bought ours (Dyson V6 Total Clean) two years ago and I can’t find it anywhere online now, so I assume it’s been replaced with the newer version but never mind, I just wanna say: this vacuum is simply amazing! Very powerful, cordless and lightweight which means you can easily take it upstairs.

Because of its shape and size you can store it.. technically everywhere! It’s super easy to maneuver and the battery allows me to vacuum the entire house (it has expected 20min run time), it’s easy to empty and has a few replaceable tools that e.g. allows to vacuum in tight spaces.

5) Nespresso Lattissima One Coffee Machine

If you don’t like coffee, skip this point.
I’m a coffeeholic. I drink from 2 to 4 coffees a day, sometimes even just before bed time (decaffeinated one of course) simply because I LOVE COFFEE. Coffee scent is just something that turns me on, it’s my favorite part of the day – having a coffee. Some people relieve stress by doing yoga, I just drink coffee.

I had a few coffee machines during my coffee-addiction career, from ground coffee to pod machines and Nespresso is my favorite. When I shared a photo on my Instagram stories, I had a few DM’s asking what machine is it? and received many compliments from my followers and guests. And I totally agree that it’s very stylish! But I was also asked ”why would you buy a pod coffee machine? that’s not a real coffee”. Well – Ground coffee machines are great but I just can’t be asked to clean it, my time is precious and I just want to have a cup of coffee without over-complicating my life – and that’s why I choose pod machines – small and easy to clean. Nespresso has over 20 types of coffee – come on, that’s more than Starbucks! (not to mention, the pods are MUCH cheaper than Starbucks coffee)

The main highlight of Lattissima One machine is its milk frother, ohh this fluffy, aromatic cloud on the top of your coffee…

This post isn’t sponsored or in collaboration with any of the mentioned brands.

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