Autumn Escape: Mykonos & MyAktis Villa

I personally love early autumn season, when it’s still warm enough to wear short sleeves and thin jumpers on top and when the Pumpkin Spice Latte officially returns to Starbucks menu.

But when it gets colder and rainier, days are shorter and nights are longer… all you gotta do is ESCAPE to where it’s still warm.

My first Greek holiday (in Kavos, Corfu – 4 years ago) wasn’t as good as expected. Frankly, Kavos was the worst place I could possibly choose (I believe that there are people who’d love and enjoy this part of Greece, it’s just not not what I’m looking for on holidays) – hands down, it was totally my fault as I haven’t done any research whatsoever and booked our holiday prior to checking what Kavos is famous for – anyways, I always wanted to explore Greece, but like.. real Greece, not drunk teens partying 24/7 like in Kavos.. Here’s why I’ve chosen Mykonos – called the most beautiful, 2nd after Santorini Greek Island.

Check my Mykonos Guide.

Mykonos – Greek paradise.

The island is known as a glamorous destination for the world’s wealthiest and most famous people, some say it’s like the Ibiza of Greece. During summer the prices can get enormous.

One of the things I love about Mykonos is that it’s so tiny, you can easily explore it in a day or two. Every little corner in Mykonos town (Chora) is just so cheerful: white buildings with colorful doors & windows (Doors and windows must be painted red, green or blue to represent the older days when sailors did the same) hand painted streets, lots of little churches, windmills and pretty bars & restaurants.

Mykonos, its gorgeous weather, golden beaches and clear water truly worked its magic on us.

MyAktis Villa

Our stay at MyAktis was just incredible. We were well taken care of from day one, to our very last day. The owners also surprised us with upgrading our originally booked villa to the most luxurious villa with private, infinity pool. I was so close to bursting into tears!
MyAktis has the most glorious view on sunrise in the morning, it was soooo worth waking up at 6am!

Although Mykonos is a tiny island, I do recommend renting a car/scooter or quad to move around as there are no direct buses from resorts to town etc. Unless you’re planning to relax at the hotel or stay on the beach. Here – again – MyAktis would be a perfect choice as it’s based on Super Paradise beach (most famous beach in Mykonos) hence you can access the beach from your apartment easily.

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