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It’s been a while since things changed in our bedroom which means… RENO!!! I’ve been dying to show you all the bits I’ve found to create a cosy, relaxing space. If you follow me on the gram, you know that my bedroom is now very bohemian, and as much as I love boho style, I spent a looot of time in our bedroom in the past 2 years. Since I’ve been working from home (full time), I had to re-decorate my bedroom to create a dedicated office space, a desk with drawers, comfy chair etc. but then I had this uncomfortable feeling of being ”locked in the office” again and moved my office (aka laptop) downstairs and our bedroom just seemed too cluttered and.. too much perhaps? Anyways – IT IS TIME for changes and I’m excited!

Of course most of my inspo comes from good, old Pinterest. Nothing makes me calmer and happier than WHITE. I always knew it. No matter how hard I tried to like the colors – sorry, I’m a basic girl. White interiors are gorgeous, classy and clean. All my previous bedrooms were white and simple, that’s why I (luckily) decided to keep all our new house’s walls white.

Here’s my dream bedroom inspo:

Antique, french fireplace surround – such a masterpiece. This will be the main element of our bedroom. Can you believe I found this exact fureplace on facebook market for 40 pounds? I bought it right away.

This armchair is such a beautiful piece but not sure if there’ll be enough space for it? I hate white chairs/sofas, it’s a nightmare. You need to be so careful with it that it actually becomes absolutely useless. But it’s cute though!

And the wall panels. I love panelling nearly as much as I love Tommy from Peaky Blinders, so attractive! It’s something I wanted to do since we moved in. Konrad is not 100% convinced, but agreed to see how it’ll look like in our bedroom. He’s always so unsure about my interior ideas until they’re done and then he loves it.

Love these mirrors, but still contemplating. PS, I already have one in my dressing room and it’s the prettiest piece of decor I own:

We have 2 windows in our bedroom which makes it very bright and airy – and it certainly makes me happy, but because it felt so empty, I decided to hang those light, linen curtains. I have these from H&M home in my living room and always get tons of compliments. It definitely changed the whole bedroom, so much cosier and warm!

I recently came across Everwallpaper and found a couple of designs that would match my bedroom aesthetics perfectly:

They have loads of different designs and custom wall murals to fit any wall. They collaborate with wallpaper artists & designers, UI &UX designers, foreign trade sales, domestic sales and domestic & cross boarder e-commerce experts to deliver high quality yet affordable wallpapers.

Let’s talk bookshelf! My current bookcase is quite small, so I’ve been buying, reading and selling most of my books – I don’t like digital books, paper is paper, don’t try to convince me otherwise.

We have this Billy shelf in our dressing room, where I keep my favorite bags and perfumes. It’s spacious but not too wide, it doesn’t really take much of space but will be ideal for books and maybe some vases display. We currently have the second one with glass doors, but I think the first option would work better to keep it minimal.

And all the other ”essentials” to make it more homely!

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