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We’ve booked Denmark holiday nearly 2 years ago but a couple of days before our flight, the whole world went to full lockdown and so (with heavy hearts) we had to cancel our holiday and the most stunning hotel that we were both very much looking forward to stay at. Gutted! But let me tell you, it was all worth the wait.

Copenhagen is so beautiful and unique in many ways. Very quirky, with loads of cosy cafes, ideal for a weekend away with your partner/friends.

We only went to Copenhagen for 4 days but decided to stay at 2 hotels and although both are part of Guldsmeden (a chain of sustainable hotels all over the world) they were both very different and (spoiler!) SOOO stunning!

Manon Les Suites

This place is a real gem. Luxurious, remarkable design, dreamy, Bali-inspired ”jungle” pool and a gorgeous rooftop terrace and inclusive access to the gym & sauna. Manon Les suites is based near central town, close to the main hot-spots so it’s very easy to move around.

The rooms are quite basic but very classy, nevertheless the pool left me speechless and… very emotional – yep! I nearly cried because I have NEVER seen such beautiful place. You may think ”ohhh she travels a lot, she got used to this kind of places” but I actually appreciate every little detail and sometimes I can’t believe I am where I am, experiencing all those special moments.

If there’s one place you have to visit in Copenhagen, please add this hotel to your list and I promise it’ll be worth it.

Babette Guldsmeden

A gorgeous place with stunning views, exceptional design and cosy vibe. We stayed in a double room with the most authentic, nordic aesthetic, very bright and airy. Babette in general is very hygge & snug, all the greenery makes it feel so relaxing and calm. They also have this lush, rooftop SPA & lounge with Copenhagen skyline views, there’s honestly nothing better than a glass of rose after a whole day of exploring. We also had our breakfast at Babette and enjoyed it very much, they have loads of lactose/gluten free and vegan options. There’s a beautiful restaurant downstairs called ”Skagen Fiskerestaurant” where you’ll get 10% off your bill as a guest and in my opinion it’s one of the prettiest spots for food & glass of wine in Copenhagen. It’s a place I’ll highly recommend to all my family & friends and would love to stay there again!

Cafes & Restaurants

Atelier September

Café Feel Good

Mojoe Kitchen & Bar

Maison d’Angleterre

City stroll

Copenhagen seemed very familiar even though I’ve never been there before. It reminds me of Warsaw, Paris and Amsterdam – all in one place. It’s a very clean and organized city, people are really welcoming and helpful and the whole city just feels like home and that’s what I love about it.

Metros/trains are great, plus Copenhagen is VERY bike friendly so moving around the city could not be any easier.

The only thing that surprised me were prices, I kind of expected Copenhagen to be more expensive than other European cities, but at some places the prices were so inadequate, for example: cappuccino at Atelier September costed as much as an hour boat trip – very odd.

Theres plenty of things you can do for free or on budget, take an hour boat tour from Nyhavn, visit SMK Gallery or just stroll around the town.

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