Cotswolds: Bibury & Castle Combe

Cotswolds is one of the most adorable areas in the UK with a Fairy tale scenery, much loved by many painters and photographers. Bibury and Castle Combe are a very tiny villages so you could easily be done with your visit in an hour, but that definitely doesn’t mean that there is not much to do! Both villages have a wide choice of pubs and cosy cafes. Head to iconic Arlington Row in Bibury for the most beautiful, set across from small wetlands, the 17th-century weaver’s cottages.

William Morris once described Bibury as “the most beautiful village in England” and.. I do agree!

Both villages are easily accessible (also wheelchair friendly) but it’s usually very busy, especially during peak times so best to visit early morning/late afternoon to avoid the crowds. Finding a parking lot can be painful, but so worth the views!

Castle Combe


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