Digital Detox Cabin & Weekend in Sussex & Seven Sisters

After months in lockdown, working from home and CONSTANTLY looking at my laptop/phone, needles to say – I was FREAKING out. Seriously, I felt like the main character in The Walking Dead. I didn’t really miss seeing people, in fact I was extremely tired of human interactions and all I really needed was a TURN OFF button, and then I came across Unplugged Rest – Off-grid, digital detox cabin an hour drive from London.

Based in charming West Sussex, Unplugged is an ideal place to relax, with the countryside views and a wood burner, making it an ideal retreat at any time of year.

The cabin is fully equipped with cooking essentials, Scandi Superloo, fridge, gas stove and hot shower so all you really need is some food and comfy shoes (wellies in autumn season). If you’re up for full ”do nothing” experience, there’s a pub nearby where you can enjoy a pint and a Sunday roast.

The main idea is to lock your phone away so nothing distract this precious ”me time”. Don’t worry, you’ll get an old Nokia phone for emergency calls, a polaroid to take some pictures and a custom map.

To be honest with you, I was kind of concerned I’d miss my phone, get bored or simply go insane – But I was so wrong. In fact, I’ve never felt more happy, relaxed and FREE. I think that even if you decide not to lock your phone in the box, you’ll still choose not to use it because you’ll be too amazed with the surroundings.

Waking up to the most incredible sunrise, bouncing bunnies, birds chirping… I could stay there forever and I’m so grateful for this old-school, unique experience. 5 million stars cabin over 5 star hotel any day.

Seven Sisters

This place was on my list for such a long time, and because it was on our way, we decided to stop by for early morning walk along the cliffside. Absolutely blissful! Then headed to Bognor Regis for a coffee but Bognor wasn’t really my cup of tea, pretty basic and extremely busy.

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