England’s architectural gem | Bath Guide

Bath is known mainly for its significant Roman Baths, Roman Temple, historical museums and galleries – there is just so much to see we’ve decided to stay overnight to explore as much as possible and visit Thermae Bath SPA. (read more about our unique Thermae SPA experience)

What I love about Bath is that you can move around without a car, it’s a small city so you don’t really need a specific plan, just head to the city centre (we always park at the Avon Street Car park) and go lose yourself! Really, wherever you end up, you’ll love it!

However, there are a few key spots that you definitely have to see:

The Roman Baths

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Unfortunately we didn’t have a chance to see this iconic place as it’s always very busy, even in the middle of the week. I always feel guilty when wasting time in the queues, we also had some bookings on that day so we couldn’t make it. But maybe next time!

Bath Abbey

Bath Abbey is located just by The Roman Baths so you definitely won’t miss it. It’s a great place to sit back and relax with a cup of coffee, often very crowded.

Pulteney Bridge

Ohh how beautiful is this place? I loved it, especially on a sunny day like this, made me feel so dreamy!

If you’re travelling with kids or just want to take a break and get your head together, head to Parade Gardens which is located just by the Pulteney Bridge.

The Circus

You definitely don’t want to miss one of the most iconic spots in Bath. The Circus is a larger version of its twinning gem – Royal Crescent.

Bath St. & Thermae Bath Spa

Thermae Bath SPA is one of the most amazing places I’ve ever been to!! It’s such an amazing place, if you stay in Bath for more than one day, then definitely go go go! The views were incredible and the whole experience is just something I’d never forget. There’s a complete review from Thermae Bath SPA here

Stroll around Bath St.:

Coffee & Dinner

We’ve been to a few places, but my favourite was a ”Society Cafe” with THE best coffee and carrot cake in town, and for the yummiest dinner, head to Cote Brasserie based on the quiet, quirky street.

Bathen House

Hands down the most amazing stays ever! This hotel is so cosy, luxurious and has the most amazing and caring staff on earth!

Bath is definitely on my best UK cities list and every time I go back, I just fall in love again.

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