Girls just wanna have… sun! | Winter escape: Alicante

Our short Alicante holiday was so spontaneous – a casual Friday evening, Klaudia and I were enjoying our tapas at the local pub, I randomly scrolled through Skyscanner (I do it all the time, it’s my hobby) and found £25 pp return flights from Birmingham to Alicante with Ryanair. I mean you can’t say no to such a deal, right?

We were both desperate for a long talks, sun and adventure so we bought the tickets right away, and then few weeks later we booked 3 nights stay at Almirante hotel and paid €160 (this price does not cover meals etc.)

The hotel’s location is just perfect, based on a beautiful San Juan beach, around 25 mins drive from Alicante airport and 10mins by metro from Alicante Old Town & Santa Barbara Castle.

All attractions in Alicante are easily accessible by metro and a single ticket costs around €1.40 which means you can see all iconic places for pennies.

January isn’t really the time to come to Spain if you are looking to top up your tan (although the weather during our stay was great, sunny, warm days, no wind & rain at all) so it’s a great place for those looking for long walks and empty beaches! I can’t imagine how crowded Santa Barbara Castle must be during mid-summer if they actually charge you for using a lift to get to the rooftop. (It’s free during off season)

Speaking of which – Santa Barbara Castle was one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen in Spain, with the most incredible, breathtaking views and magnificent ninth-century fortress. Every second of our long walk up the hill to get to the castle was totally worth the 360° view!

Places you definitely want to visit during your stay in Alicante are the historical El Barrio, amazing Casa Carbonell, San Nicolás Cathedral and Promenade in the Marina of Alicante which looks just like Monte Carlo with it’s gorgeous port, restaurants and casinos, and if you can stroll around until sunset – you’ll never forget this view, I promise. 

Also, if you have a bit more spare time, you can also go to Benidorm by metro going directly from Alicante (click here for details) 

On our way to Alicante Old Town we stopped by this pink-themed, cheerful restaurant ”La Tia Juana” and I would normally dive into traditions and eat local food while travelling but when you eat Spanish food for a few days in a row you just crave for something different. I love Mexican food and I whimper like a puppy whenever I see ”Taco Bell” so yeah, pretty much we just had to stop by.

La Tia Juana was simply amazing, everything in there was so colorful! We had to use translator to communicate with the waitress and because they didn’t have an English menu, we just asked for something they personally like the most, and they brought us a huge plate of nachos with cheese, seasonings and sauces. They also have a huge variety of funky drinks. We absolutely loved it and I would go to Alicante any day just to eat their nachos again. 

If you’d rather go for something traditional, there are plenty of bars and restaurants in/around Alicante serving traditional, Spanish food. The only let down was that opening hours of most restaurants and bars were odd. Most of them are open for couple of hours in the morning, then closed all day and re-opening at 8pm (even our hotel restaurant refused to serve food until 8pm, we were so disappointed to come back to the hotel, thinking of all the things we’d eat after a long day out, instead… we were left with some leftovers we purchased day before at the supermarket, haha).

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