Best of Peak District & Where to find Highland Cattles in Peak District?

As much as I love autumn, I don’t enjoy days like this; it’s been raining all day and night for the past couple of days and I feel so lucky that I got to spend the last warm & sunny days outdoors in such dreamy place! Peak District is one of the most beautiful places in the UK without a doubt.

I really missed forest walks because this is something I used to do very often as a kid with my dad, we got up early in the morning and spent hours on walking, talking and laughing. Just makes me think how unappreciated these moments were when we were younger. So yeah.. the highlight of this little trip was definitely a Snake Woodland:

Then we headed to the most adorable, little village called Milldale. I loved the vibe so so much, loved the slow-life and how kind and helpful the locals were.

Then we stopped by Ladybower Reservoir and went for a loooong walk, such a lovely place!

Late afternoon we headed to Castleton as it was the closest (and the prettiest of course!) town, we were so hungry as we only had a breakfast on that day, so really hoped we’ll find something to eat but unfortunately most restaurants/cafe’s were already closed by 5pm which I found slightly odd. Anyways, we had a little walk around this pretty, cosy town with an old-school vibe. What I loved about Castleton is that it wasn’t busy at all – considering it’s a touristy place I was expecting loads of people but it was so nice and quiet!

And last but not least – the moment my dream came true!!!

I know it sounds weird but seeing Highland cattle was just one of my biggest travel goals! They are absolutely gorgeous!!

This place was just surreal, I was surrounded by the most amazing views and loads of animals and I mean… could it get any better?

The place is called Curbar Edge and it’s well known for its magnificent, panoramic views and of course the Highland Cattles! It’s a perfect place for walkers and mountain bikers. Just opposite the street there’s Baslow Edge which is equally beautiful but in my opinion much more challenging to climb up to. Make sure you take a proper footwear and please, please be mindful of the highland cattles and don’t forget this is their HOME! I saw people chasing the animals or letting their dogs run freely so close to the cows.. this could’ve end up poorly.

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