Mykonos Guide

Warning: This post includes loads of photos that will make you want to pack a bag and get on the next flight to Mykonos!

Hey guys! I’m so excited to finally share some more photos from Mykonos and tell you all about fab places to see, things to do and eat on this gorgeous Greek island!This is my 2nd post from Mykonos, if you haven’t seen the first one, click here. 

Top places to see in Mykonos:

Stroll around Chora …

That’s how they call the city centre in Mykonos.
Now, if there’s anything I could compare Mykonos Town to, I’d say it looks like a colorful wonderland, with lots vivid pink Bougainvillea flowers, blue doors, purple windows, fancy boutiques, art galleries, and charming outdoor cafes. This place was so pretty, I couldn’t stop taking photos, honestly, the cutest place on earth!

Below photos were taken on Matogianni – busiest alley in Mykonos where the island’s most well-known market is based. I truly loved this part of Mykonos!

The characteristic colors of this magical island are white with blue & red accents (doors, windows, etc.) – Residents, as well as traders, follow this tradition for years by keeping a typical Cycladic style as a tribute to the Greek flag.

The Mykonos Chora, also called Mykonos Downtown or Mykonos Old City is voted as the chicest and most cosmopolitan of the Greek islands. It’s also spotless, the locals really take care of the aesthetic of this place.

When Konrad and I went to Chora at 6am to take some photos we saw shop owners scrubbing and polishing all white pathways – Yes, they basically hand wash it few times a day so they remain so white and clean.

Little Venice

Little Venice in Mykonos must be one of the most romantic places on the planet.
It’s located on the seafront, surrounded by fabulous, colorful restaurants and houses. The balconies are lashed by the waves of the Aegean Sea during strong winds.

Little Venice is a place that undoubtedly takes your breath away, you just wanna sit there, sip your coffee and stare on the waves hitting the shores…


16th-century windmills are one of the most famous monuments of Mykonos. They are a landscape landmark as they rise above the sea, on the small hill southeast of Chora. There are 17 windmills on the island, the most recognizable are those located in Mykonos town. Their original use was for grain grinding that contributed to the island’s economic development. Nowadays, the windmills are no longer in operation but they continue to be a symbol of Mykonos.

Panagia Paraportiani

One of the most important architectural and religious monuments of the Cyclades islands.
Created in the first phase between the 16th and 17th centuries, it is a two storey complex of five churches. If you can go and see Panagia Paraportiani during sunrise/sunset – do it! It’s probably the most amazing view ever.

Super Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach and Super Paradise beach are the two most iconic beaches in Mykonos. During summer, there are some wild parties going on organised by the famous DJ’s from around the world. During the day those beaches are still pretty busy even during off-peak season, the families, couples and groups of friends are spending their free time relaxing, drinking or sunbathing right here, on this beautiful beach.

What Greeks Eat for breakfast?

Well, needless to say, Greek cuisine is one of the most delicious cuisines on the globe. Okay, maybe not for everyone, but for me, it’s like heaven on a plate.

Greeks are certainly not big fans of English breakfasts, they consider it as oily and hard to digest breakfast. Interestingly, some Greeks do not eat breakfast at all, which for me personally is a no-no. I would never leave the house with an empty belly, I’d be moody, have no energy and probably swear a lot too.

Greek food is rather light and healthy. The traditional Greek breakfast at MyAktis included:

  • Natural yogurt with honey and fruits
  • Omelette with tomatoes
  • A fresh, crunchy baguette + olive oil (I know that in Spain and Italy they use olive oil instead of butter and I love this idea, it tastes so much better)
  • Favorite Greek delicacy: Bougatsa – a shortcake filled with sweet cream.
  • Freshly squeezed orange juice
  • And coffee of course – Greeks love coffee. And authentic Greek coffee tastes amazing.

Traditional Greek food you need to try

  • Tzatziki – The real taste of this simple yoghurt based dip with grated cucumber and a lot of garlic can only be found in Greece!
  • Mousaka – a layered oven casserole dish made with vegetables and meat, looks like lasagne. The most well-known version of moussaka is made with layers of eggplant slices, cheese, and a meat sauce, topped with a thick béchamel sauce
  • Dolmades – grape leaves, stuffed with a tantalizing mixture of rice, fresh dill, mint and lemon. ‘Yum’ is the only one word to describe these.
  • Gyros – adored by Polish people (especially during the barbecue season!)

Where to eat in Mykonos?

I’ve have chosen two restaurants which I consider the best in terms of food, service, prices and quality.

We got to Thea by accident, we went for an evening quad ride around the island, basically looking for a nice pub/tavern with authentic Greek food – and Thea was a perfect choice! Beautiful decor, friendly staff and the most stunning view.
As an appetizer we ordered Tzatziki with pita bread – I could eat Tzatziki all the time, forever. I even tried to make one at home, but it’s not the same, not even close, haha! You know how it is, that Tzatziki wasn’t made by a Greek hand thus it wasn’t as good as the one at Thea.

For the main course, we had a mix of meats (veal, pork and mutton), including the famous Lukaniak and Souvlaki, served with baked potatoes and authentic Greek feta cheese.
PS. I couldn’t take a photo of our full meal as Konrad was so hungry he was yelling at me to put the camera away 😀  #bloggersproblems
We were strolling around the city and our attention was drawn to this cute place based right on the seashore. We looked at the menu and found out they had a huge variety of typical Greek meals and decided to give it a go. We ordered gyros, as we both had this weird craving for gyros for few days, and the one served in Raya was simply flawless, perfectly seasoned with herbs and spices, served with Tzatziki, chips and lettuce.
We finished the feast with a Greek delicacy Baklava.
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