Pumpkin patch – Autumn vibes

Such a beautiful weather greeted us on Sunday morning, I just couldn’t spend it at home (even though autumn is such a perfect excuse to be a human burrito, stay in bed all day and not give a damn!) we have decided to visit a pumpkin patch  ”Pumpkin R US” in Kenilworth, England.

I don’t know when I became such a Halloween fanatic, I have never actually put any effort into decorating my house for Halloween etc. but this ear, I mean.. I totally crossed the line!
I think I’m just getting old – few years ago I used to turn our doorbell off, now I can’t wait for all those little creatures knocking on my door, dressed in the weirdest outfits. When I was a kid, I used to dress up as ghost – wow, I know, so creative! Probably because all it takes is a white bed sheet and scissors to cut out 3 holes.

I also hope that Konrad will change his mind and actually give up on his cruel plan to replace sweets with brussels sprout, can you imagine how disappointed the kids would be?! I mean, he can’t be THAT awful!

On our way back we’ve spotted Kenilworth Castle and had a little wander around, such a beautiful place!

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