Romantic break in Mousehole (Cornwall) & Fallen Angel Villa

There’s nothing more exciting for me, than spending a weekend away with Konrad. We both work so much but we also manage our work & life balance pretty well – Whenever we feel burned out or in need of some time just for ourselves, we just jet off – an ultimate rule to keep our relationship healthy and happy 🙂

This time we’ve decided to spend 3 days in our favorite place in the UK – Cornwall. No words can describe how much I love Cornwall’s landscapes. I am a country girl at heart, happiest when surrounded by nature 😉

We drove all the way to this adorable, Cornish fishing village – Mousehole, located just a few miles from Penzance. Mousehole is so picturesque and fun to explore with its variety of restaurants, shops with handmade items and a beautiful, serene harbour.

I was woken up early on Sunday morning and surprised with a road trip to Land’s End – a place I desperately wanted to visit for years, but always seemed too far away from Birmingham, but luckily only 10 miles from Mousehole! Another dream came true, I was so so happy to finally see this gorgeous scenery!

The main highlight of this trip was our stay at Fallen Angel – Undoubtedly, the most unique place to stay in Cornwall! Fallen Angel is a modern, luxury villa with an open space, 100% privacy, over-looking the sea – a perfect home away…

I truly regret I can’t show you my face when I entered the villa, we were both speachless and… surprised? We saw the pictures online so we knew it won’t be a typical, cliched place, but we were certainly not expecting such a luxury. The villa is very spacious but also cosy, colorful, beautifully decorated and instantly makes you feel at home. What makes Fallen Angel special is all those ”little” things, such as complimentary, freshly baked bread, chilled drinks from the local, Cornish, award-winning vineyard and other fine refreshments.

There’s a BBQ place, gorgeous garden, shower & bath with the view, Netflix, books, fully equipped, spacious kitchen and utility room.  All those things only proves, that the owner – Jane, who is such a lovely person! – really cares about her guests and makes sure they have the best time at Fallen Angel and everything they need during their stay. I have never met Jane, but I know her so well just by looking at the interiors. An artistic soul, just like me.

Relaxed Evenings by the fireplace with a glass of champagne and lazy mornings with a cup of coffee on the balcony with the sea view… Unforgettable, special and most beautiful moments of life.

So If you’re looking for a perfect place to stay in Mousehole, definitely go for Fallen Angel, you won’t be disappointed, I promise. Oh, and have a breakfast at the adorable Rock Pool Cafe – bagels and coffee to die for!

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