SugarBear Vitamins: My Honest Review

It’s been over 2 years since I emptied my first bottle of Sugarbear hair vitamins and I think it’s about time to finally share my honest review with you!
I’ve been asked ”is it worth it?” & ”does it really work?” like a million times and I don’t blame you guys. I know some of you may be skeptical of these and find it difficult to trust Influencers & Bloggers nowadays due to the recent, popular and very unfair opinion that most bloggers/influencers are ”money-grabbing narcissists”. But if you’ve ever bought anything from my recommendation, then you know I don’t lie and I’m extra careful when sharing my thoughts about certain products, the last thing I want is you wasting your money.
I spend a fortune on skin care & hair products and makeup, and if anyone has tried the biggest variety of hair vitamins, it’s me! So… let’s talk about the number 1 Bestselling hair vitamins online – Sugarbear!

Briefly – SugarBear Hair vitamins are vegetarian, while the Women’s Multi is vegan, they are also cruelty-free and contain Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin D, Vitamin B-6, Folic Acid, Vitamin B-12, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid, Iodine, and Zinc.

All other important ingredients/supplement facts as well as reviews and results can be found on Sugarbear website.


Okay, I’ll be totally honest – my first thought was: this must be some sort of bullsh*t. No way those blue bears will help my hair/nails grow faster.
I think it’s important to mention I bleach my hair every 3 months which is the main cause of damage. I also dry my hair every other day and straighten/curl them once a week so yes, they do need some extra care. Once you go platinum-blonde, you know how difficult it is to keep your hair HEALTHY and shiny. I think the condition of my hair is amazing considering how many times I dyed my hair as a teenager – I used to have pink hair once!
I’ve noticed the first results after aprox. 2 months. This is when my baby hair started growing faster. Usually you can’t see the results but someone who sees you once a month will notice it straight away – it’s just like with the weight loss. So I didn’t really realise how good my hair looked until my hairdresser mentioned it. And then she asked me what do I use because my hair became much more shinier and healthier. And it’s all thank to Sugarbear.
The REAL results started showing roughly after 5/6 months. I realised I need to re-fill my gel nails and pedicure more often, my hair got thicker and grew faster (which can be a pain for those with dyed hair as the natural colour starts to peep through quicker and this is something I can’t handle, haha).
I know that some of you are worried that when yous top taking them your hair will fall out but I had a 4 month gap and didn’t notice any side effects. 

DO NOT expect spectacular results after a week!

I went through some negative reviews online and realised these are mostly complains from people who had taken the gummies for a couple of weeks and were disappointed due to lack of results – I’m sorry, but did you really expect your hair to grow 20cm in a week? This is not how it works.
Best results are at 6 months (but obviously the longer you take them, the better results you’ll get). I personally recommend getting a 3 month supply (exclusive 3 month gift pack is currently discounted on Sugarbear official website) at the beginning. You should be able to notice visible effects after 2nd month.

Is it worth the money?

Some of you may think they are expensive – but in my opinion self-care has no price. I love to invest in myself. Considering how much money we spend on eating out, coffee’s and unnecessary stuff everyday, this really isn’t that expensive.
So the simple answer to ”Do you recommend Sugarbear” is YES, I certainly do.
Of course bear in mind results may vary from person to person.
I also recommend buying your Sugarbears from their official website just to be 100% sure you get their original product.
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