The September chronicles: London | Kensington Hotel

There’s no place like London – especially during autumn season. Golden leaves and rainy weather add an extra bit of character to the city.

We spent the weekend strolling around Kensington, sipping coffees in local cafes and then ended up at the Kensington Hotel. It was an amazing, relaxing and very romantic weekend that we both (very much!) needed.

The Kensington Hotel

Staying at the Kensington Hotel was rather special because we often go on a day trip or stay for a night at our friend’s house. This hotel was yet another wonderful stay that made us extremely grateful for all the memories we’re making together.

It’s a 5* Hotel and a 5* experience. With its chic yet classic and luxurious design, central location, wonderful service and all the extra touches – this place is just exceptional.

We’ve stayed at Deluxe King and the main highlight for me was a large bath with the view, comfy bed and gorgeous, marble bathroom.

We couldn’t wish for a better end of the day than a lovely 3-course dinner and a wine at the hotel’s Drawing Rooms with their open fireplaces, colorful artwork and pretty objets d’art.

All our meals were finely wrought and delicious. Not to mention the most wonderful and kind service we’ve received.

If you ask me – I would stay there again for so many reasons; amazing service, warm, relaxing atmosphere and a beautiful interiors. Our room also had a convenient ”office area” which allowed me to work remotely (and comfortably).

We didn’t plan to explore London too much, it was definitely more of a laidback visit, but here are a few more Kensington snaps from my cameral roll:

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