Thermae Bath Spa

It was my very first time visiting Open-air Rooftop pool in UK so you can probably imagine how excited I was for this luxurious experience 😉

On our arrival, we had a little tour by Jayne, who showed us around and then after donning our swimwear and gowns, we headed up to the most amazing rooftop pool and immediately walked into the thermal pool with the most insane views that has certainly worked its magic and left us speechless for a while.

It was quite chilly, so after a while we shimmied back into our robes and and scampered down to the saunas where we enjoyed Roman Steam Room, infused with the stimulating aroma of botanical and flowers extracts.

Then, to relax ourselves even more and prepare for another swimming session at Minerva Bath, we headed to the funny looking Infrared Room with a huge, acacia and lime wood heater panel in the middle. With a glorious feeling of a toxin-free bodies, we went to the Ice Chamber to cool ourselves down.

Minerva Bath was just as good as the rooftop, so chilled out and quiet. We were chatting and floating and then I just fell asleep (hope I didn’t snore!)

I obviously had to drag Konrad to their Spring Café, I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t try coffee at the new, undiscovered place – but instead we had a hot chocolate & cake – and I don’t know if it was the chocolate or the whole SPA experience in general, but oh my.. I felt like I just won million dollars 😛

We ended our visit at Thermae Bath Spa by experiencing thermal waters flooded into the pool through a glass bubble at Cross Bath, based just across the road from the main spa.

Situated Just 100 metres from the original Roman Baths, Thermae Bath Spa was such an amazing experience, I will definitely visit again!

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