Top 5 Luxury hotels in England

I usually share my thoughts and tips on how to save money on your travels, but today I want to show you some of my favorite, most unique, high-end places to stay in England.

Rockliffe Hall, Five Star Golf & Spa Hotel, Darlington

Based in Darlington, this luxury hotel has it all; from indoor pool & outdoor Garden SPA, five star golfing facilities, charming bedrooms, and exceptional dining experience. What makes The Rockliffe Hall unique is the warmest welcome and dedication of its crew. We felt like there is someone who’d love to take care of us at all times. The staff will remember your name, welcome you with open arms and make sure you have everything you need throughout your stay.

Rockliffe is amazingly quiet, you’d never guess how many guests are staying there until you see the cars parked outside the hotel. During our stay, there was a wedding and a birthday party, but it wasn’t chaotic at all. This is why I loved this place so much, there is plenty of space for everyone. It’s a perfect place for couples but also for families with kids. In fact, there is a place called ”Mischmasch” – a world of endless adventures for the little ones. When I looked at the kids playing outside on those enormous grounds of Rockliffe Hall I wished I could join! 🙂

I highly recommend booking a SPA treatment and access to the Spa Garden as it really is unforgettable experience. The Spa Garden was the main highlight of our stay, we absolutely loved the outdoor (heated) pool and the complimentary buffet they offer (hot & cold drinks and fruits). I also need to mention that the Tasting menu at the Orangery was in-cre-di-ble! It was such a pleasure to try the rarities prepared by one of the UK’s most celebrated chefs, Richard Allen. 

You may also consider their Wine Tasting Experience (Awarded the AA Notable Wine List). Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or simply enjoy a delicious glass of the good stuff, a wine tasting with Daniel Jonberger, who has over 29 years of experience – would be a great idea. 

The room we’ve stayed in (New Hall Superior Double) was very spacious and beautifully arranged. The main highlights for me were: the view from our balcony, tile TV in the bathroom and super comfy bed.
Our stay at the Rockliffe was just so special from the beginning to the end; everyone was incredibly helpful, approachable and friendly. The devil is in the detail – they say, and you really start to understand its meaning when you hear the live piano music while having your 5* dinner served by caring, cheerful waiter. 

Bathen House – Five Star Hotel, Bath

The most aesthetically pleasing hotel we’ve ever stayed at. The main reason I booked this hotel for our weekend trip to Bath was marble bathroom, I’m obsessed with marble interiors so it caught my attention straight away – however, there were way more amazing features which we found out on our arrival. First of all, the staff at Bathen House is lovely, we’ve mentioned we won’t have breakfast in the morning as we need to leave at 6:30 (breakfast is served from 8:30) to which the receptionist responded ”We are not letting you go hungry!” and the morning after she prepared breakfast just for us. You may think; well, this is a service you expect when you stay at 5* hotels, but I believe it’s all about kindness.The hotel is based 15 min drive from town, we loved its beautiful interiors, large and relaxing communal lounge and the Edwardian decor. It was very quiet even though we’ve stayed there over the weekend. Very cosy and chic.

The High Field Town House – Four Star Hotel, Birmingham

The High Field Town House is one of my top boutique hotels in the Midlands and the cutest, most elegant place to stay in Birmingham! We’ve stayed at the High Field House after our visit to Botanical Gardens (it’s only 10 mins walk from Botanical Gardens and five minutes from the city centre). It looks like a Victorian Villa from the outside and once you get in, you feel like you’re at home, sweet home. This is a self check-in hotel, which makes you feel even more ”at home”. Very neat and cosy. We absolutely loved the vintage-chic design and the main highlight for me was having a fancy bathtub in my bedroom – so you can jump in straight to a bathtub from your bed and vice versa, how ideal is this?

I also highly recommend The High Field Gastropub which is just across the driveway from The Town House. As we visited this place during summer, we were lucky enough to spend a few hours at their beautiful garden and enjoy the sunshine, amazing food and the fancy drinks! We loved the atmosphere at the Pub so much, we return there every time we’re nearby.

Great John Street Four Star Hotel, Manchester

Rooftop Garden, heated veranda, stunning bedrooms and suites, afternoon tea or private dining… Is there anything else you could possibly ask for? Great John Street in one of our favorites places in the northwest of England, completely enchanting and chic!

Located by St John’s Gardens, just a stone’s throw from Manchester’s most exclusive shopping areas, this place is a combination of modernity and history, truly magical atmosphere, delicious food and friendly & caring hotel crew.

We’ve stayed at the glamorous Eclectic Suite with the upper level bathroom featuring twin cast iron roll-top soaking tubs – now, can you imagine yourself and your loved one enjoying this romantic settings?

The beds were so comfy we really struggled to wake up in the morning and dreamed of staying there for a little bit longer (little = a couple of days, maybe?) They also serve amazing breakfasts, avo&salmon toasts were beyond delicious!

Hallmark Four Star Hotel, Stratford-upon-Avon, The Welcombe

A perfect place to experience authentic British culture. Stratford-upon-Avon is such a lovely place itself, it’s definitely worth a visit! Hallmark Hotel is located just outside Stafford, hotel’s grounds are enormous and peaceful, ideal for a long walk. They also have an amazing SPA with the outdoor vitality pool, ice fountain and steam room which made our stay even more pleasant.

The interiors looks pretty old fashioned but this is what makes it unique. We loved our Executive view bedroom, waking up to the sound of birds singing and being surrounded by greenery automatically makes my soul happy! Hallmark also features an amazing lounge, with a large marble fireplace where we spent a couple of hours just relaxing and sipping wine. Truly magical place.

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