Wynyard Hall – Where nature meets elegance…

There are some incredibly beautiful places in this world that make your heart beat faster. Places you’d love to visit again and again, places that give you goosebumps…

Located in Stockton-on-Tees, Wynyard Hall is a 4-star hotel that once upon a time served as a family home for several prominent families.

Cosy, elegant interiors, excellent cuisine, lavish landmarks, a beautiful lake & gardens and SPA is what makes Wynyard Hall stand out and brings thousands of couples who celebrate their weddings right here, in those magical surroundings.

You know when they say ”keep your expectations low and you will never be disappointed”. Although I’m always very excited for a new adventure, I’ve been to places that turned out to unfortunate disappointment, they either didn’t look as good in real life as they did online or interiors were creepy, food wasn’t good enough and the place wasn’t worth its price – but well.. Wynyard Hall was just way beyond my expectations. The first feature that caught my attention was all the autumn colors, look how beautiful it looks during autumn, can’t even imagine how amazing it must be during spring and summer!

The weather was rather miserable throughout the weekend but.. it didn’t affect us that much as we loved the atmosphere at the main reception and our suite and we also had a table booked at The Wellington Restaurant on Saturday evening. The day just flew by so fast, we didn’t get enough time to visit the Gardens, would love to see it next time

Evening spent at the Wellington restaurant was exactly what we needed. Such a relaxing environment, most friendly staff I’ve ever met and the food was just a masterpiece. Fresh, ideally seasoned dishes, all made from the finest ingredients, home-grown at their Edible Garden – impressive, right? Makes you appreciate your meal even more.

We’ve chosen a Tasting Menu with wine pairings (I loooove this option, picking just one dish from the menu is too stressful, haha!). All 5 dishes swept me off my feet, the flavors and attention to detail.. simply incredible.

The ”Lady Mae” suite we’ve stayed at was very spacious, beautifully decorated and so cosy, I loved the small touches such as lavender pillow mist left on our bed while we’re enjoying our dinner. Also the bed was so big and comfy we had such a good sleep and decided to have a breakfast in bed the following morning.

Sunday was a pamper day, spent at the lakeside Wynyard’s SPA. We enjoyed the Thermal Suite and hot tub with calming view. Surprisingly, the SPA was so peaceful – I was expecting more people at the SPA on Sunday afternoon, but lucky for us we had a tub all for ourselves ­čÖé

To complete our lovely stay, we had a coffee & cake at the SPA cafe.

Wynyard Hall is one of those places I will recommend to my friends and family looking for a relaxed stay with plenty of things to do in spare time. I’d say weekend is enough to enjoy the main features, but would love to stay for a couple more days just to fully experience what it has to offer. Places as unique as Wynyard Hall makes my heart happy, where everything runs smoothly, you’re well taken care of and you feel welcomed. Needless to say the place is truly beautiful!

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